A revolution in music, empowering performers around the world!

Unimidi creates innovative tech that integrates with Midis and other tools such as D.A.Ws to create a seamless experience for music performers. Masterfully increasing performance, the key benefit of their tech is the decrease in latency during performance as a result of their patented tech. Granting performers who use their technology enhanced accessibility. Our collaboration involved a meticulous process that started with in-depth market research and competitor analysis to understand unique value propositions.

We first started by creating a simple visual language that transponds through all of Unimidi's identity. Pixelated visuals and an energetic color palette was key to frame the company as a modern startup with tech solutions for its potential demographic youth of performers. When creating their packaging, we wanted their products to be instantly recognizable while retaining a sleek attention-grabbing design.

Social media marketing begins with branding that speaks to your audience. Minimalist and exotic visuals help capture the essence of Unimidi's spirit. With their branding in place, we made sure that their designs focused on reflecting a highlight on performers, musicians and the brand's target audience. Thus, we enabled Unimidi to let their users be the center focus of their brand. With most social media designs, performers or their equipment were featured.

By leveraging our expertise in both branding and digital marketing, we propelled Unimidi to the forefront of the MIDI industry. The successful collaboration showcases our proficiency in creating cohesive brand experiences that align with market demands, ultimately driving growth and customer engagement.

Our collaboration with Unimidi birthed a brand identity that resonates with the pulse of performers, tailoring this brand identity, we are thrilled to announce a website for Unimidi is in the works. We are committed to bringing Unimidi's musical revolution online with a focus on Website responsiveness and adaptability to several devices.

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