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Nabil and Reem, the branding duo, have spent a decade mastering marketing and branding across Cairo and Europe. Challenging the notion "A jack of all trades is a master of none," they've formed a unique agency by bringing together experts from diverse fields, including PhD holders, award-winning specialists, and top consultants. This team stands as a one-stop solution for branding and marketing, offering one-of-a-kind experiences to clients worldwide. Now based in Cyprus, the branding duo run our agency from a mountain office, where they merge their expertise with inspiration from the natural surroundings to redefine branding excellence.

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"Great things are never done by one person; they're done by a group of people." - Steve Jobs

Digiredo thrives on the expertise of our formidable team of professionals, which encompasses Ph.D. and Master's degree holders as well as recipients of prestigious global awards. Our collective experience is enriched by collaborations with globally recognized brands. Our team includes many talented individuals not shown here!

Nabil K.
Managing Director

As Digiredo's strategic navigator, Nabil integrates AI advancements into digital marketing solutions. His innovative mindset is key to positioning brands distinctively in their markets.

Reem S.
Art Director & Co-founder

Reem is Digiredo's artistic heartbeat, crafting beautiful designs inspired by nature's palette. Her fresh and vibrant vision brings every creative project to life.

Ahmed W.
Chief Operating Officer

Ahmed applies his vast experience in service and product sectors to turn data into strategic actions, driving Digiredo's growth through detailed financial insights and analytics.

Oliver A.
Senior Business Consultant & Mentor

Oliver enriches Digiredo with over 18 years of business strategy expertise. His insights are a vital resource, guiding both our team and clients to pronounced success.

Qady A.
Senior Video Editor & Account Manager

Besides being the fastest video editor in town, Qady offers an unmatched work ethic coupled with account management skills that serve as pillars of top-caliber service offerings.

Aliki C.
Linguistics Expert

Linguist expert Aliki ensures the eloquence of our narratives, choosing the perfect words and communication styles to resonate with our audience, blending academic depth with practical expertise.

Avgi C.
Sales Consultant

Driven by her passion for psychology, business, and neuromarketing, Avgi combines strategic insight with practical skills to create precise, tailored solutions for clients, ensuring optimal results.

Sameh M.
Managerial Assistant

With over a decade of experience managing teams at multiple companies, including Vodafone and Expedia, Sameh offers the team a unique coordinating input that keeps us at the top of our deployment game.

Yasmina A.
Marketing Manager

Having worked with some of the biggest marketing agencies in Cairo across industries such as media, automotive, and F&B, and with accounts as significant as Coca-Cola, Yasmina’s track record speaks for itself—not to mention her 50,000 loyal followers.

Mario C.
SEO & Development

Tech guru Mario, a seasoned hand in SEO and development, guides Digiredo's technological endeavors, ensuring a seamless and modern approach to our digital projects.

Sherif A.
Lead Photographer

Renowned photographer Sherif, also known as Sherio, brings a modern and distinct style to the team. His work has adorned numerous magazines and publications.

Youssef K.
3D Architecture

Youssef enhances our pre-production stage with his expertise in 3D design, crafting intricate interior and exterior designs that breathe life into our AI and photo production services.

Damaty A.
Visual Arts Specialist

Damaty is the life of the party, creating vibrant and exciting content in the music and entertainment sectors. His unique VFX and video editing styles keep our clients engaged and entertained.

Joe G.
Cyber Security Specialist

Joe is our shield in the cyber world, safeguarding Digiredo through his deep expertise in cyber security. He is the guardian angel of our online space, retrieving hacked accounts and educating the team on cyber awareness.

Rawan S.
Senior Account Manager

Rawan harmonizes creativity and logistics, morphing client dreams into reality through coordinated efforts with the team, ensuring a flawless project journey from inception to delivery.

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