StudioSpace Projects

StudioSpace, an architectural design studio based in Melbourne, has elevated its presence with a refreshed logo and comprehensive brand guidelines, enhancing its identity in the realm of innovative architectural solutions.

StudioSpace's refreshed brand identity is a masterclass in the synthesis of form and function, designed to echo the architectural studio's core philosophy of "affordable luxury." Delving into the essence of their brand book, one discovers a palette inspired by the raw materials of construction, signifying the resilience and dynamism inherent in the design field. Colors such as Pewter and Travertine lay the foundation, complemented by accents of Walnut and Cedar, to create a visual language that is both sophisticated and grounded. The selection of mono-spaced fonts like IBM Plex Mono, chosen for their precision and clarity, mirrors the meticulous nature of architectural drawings, reinforcing StudioSpace's dedication to detail and quality.

The brand strategy, articulating a mission to redefine affordable luxury with an unparalleled attention to detail, from intricate joinery to bold architectural statements, encapsulates StudioSpace's commitment to excellence. Their vision, aspiring to be a beacon of innovation and excellence in Melbourne’s design scene, is supported by core beliefs that champion the interplay of innovation and tradition. This strategic foundation is brought to life through a brand voice that balances professionalism with a welcoming warmth, engaging a broad audience from industry insiders to potential clients dreaming of their future spaces.

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