Jasmin Grode

Jasmin is an enthusiastic social media specialist who is growing her personal brand and empowering business owners in the German market to grow on socials!

Jasmin Gorde is not just a branding specialist, she's an ally for all personal brands that are trying to make ripples in Social Media. We helped Jasmin Gorde with cohesive social media design templates, curating engaging content and designing posts for social media use that reflect her hands-on dedication. All branding was created with images of Jasmin at the forefront instead of using graphics.

Our collaboration with Jasmin begins with a focus on her specialized assistance that she offers to brands looking to grow and craft their own personal brand identity. An identity that shines through and reflects their authenticity.

Jasmin focuses on helping other brands grow organically on social media, specifically Instagram. We have carefully created a brand identity that reflects her professional expertise, making sure all elements of her visual branding invoke reliability and trust.

Our work with Jasmin did not only include social media branding, but we also completed her digital presence through a responsive website design. Brand assets were used to create a 3-dimensional website experience, maintaining Jasmin as the forefront of her personal brand.

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