Fountech Labs

Saudi's first VBAAS for deep tech startups.

Fountech labs is a saudi arabian company that pioneers in “Venture-building-as-a-service”, shortened to “VBAAS”. We have worked closely with Fountech Labs in order to craft a unique brand identity from the ground up. Our work begins with identifying the business values and identity that needed to be illustrated through the visual branding we would give Fountech labs.

Designing a sleek and minimalist visual language that evoked trustability, professionalism and reliability was important for our client. We focused on having clean, professional and sleek branding that was still modern to appeal to any young upcoming startups. Each element was curated to align with this goal.

Going beyond visual branding, we made sure to have a social media marketing strategy that maximizes outreach and connects with tech industry startups. Identifying vital business goals and seeing effective channels to reach them was the foremost important step to realizing Fountech labs in the scene. Afterwards, we focused on curating a website that explained what a VBAAS is, and introducing service aspects and the team was extremely important to have as a cornerstone of what Fountech Labs does.

Response web design was not just a high priority but a cornerstone in our approach to create the Fountech Labs website. Our aim was to ensure that all visitors will have adequate access no matter their choice of device. The website color palette and design was made consistent with the same genuine and trustworthy brand identity to create their website, reflecting on their cutting-edge knowledge to propel ventures.

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