CAS Film Lab

Cairo Analog Society: A revolutionary film camera business in Cairo and Digiredo's very first partner.

Cairo Analog Society, is a film lab and community in Cairo that has taken the scene by storm, becoming a go-to destination for analog film enthusiasts. This brand is founded entirely on community-centric pillars, with an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service at affordable prices. It was a great honor for us to contribute to their growth through our branding, marketing, and advertising services.

We helped Cairo Analog Society develop their retro-inspired brand style, including packaging design. CAS visual brand was meant to evoke feelings of nostalgia without betraying a professional look for the brand. When targeting people aged 21 and above, we needed to finetune an identity for its Mascot, named “Quinn” and shown in most packaging as a friendly embodiment of film without alienating an older audience.

At its core, CAS’ values and tone stood for friendly openness. With a brand that is heavily entrenched in the idea of building a community and ‘society’ of analog photographers, we touched on the nostalgia of cartoons from 1940s and modern interpretations of these cartoons. Additionally, the predominant use of maroon red in CAS’ branding symbolized passion and creativity.

Cairo Analog Society has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and building communities around their product and brand. We supported their efforts by developing guidelines for their community management, and training their team on effective audience engagement strategies. Additionally, running media buying campaigns on their dominantly Instagram-heavy user-base allowed the brand to take off its wings and build further expansion organically by launch-pading it with a series of ads at its birth towards the youth demographic.

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